Launch of Science Diplomacy Centre for Africa in Rwanda

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The initiative will boost NASAC's Pan-African Agenda

A Research Centre in African Science Diplomacy has been launched in May 2024 in Kigali. With this initiative, the Rwandan capital city expands its international scientific influence for research and training.

The inauguration of the Science Diplomacy Centre for Africa in Kigali, Rwanda, marks a significant milestone in enhancing scientific collaboration across the continent. Spearheaded by SciTech DiploHub, in collaboration with the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC) and the City Governments of Barcelona and Kigali, this initiative aims to empower African professionals in science and technology diplomacy.

The centre, a joint effort by leading universities, scientific academies and governmental bodies from over 50 African countries, will serve as a hub for coordinating research, training and policy development. Over the next three years, it plans to train 2,500 professionals and assist twenty governments in formulating science policies tailored to Africa's challenges.

Jackie Kado, Executive Director of NASAC, emphasized the importance of this initiative in nurturing African scientific talent and fostering collaboration between science and policy. With a focus on addressing pressing issues like climate change, public health and socioeconomic disparities, the centre aims to energise African scientific diasporas and elevate the continent's scientific leadership globally.

Jackie Kado Science Diplomacy Kigali
Alexis Roig (CEO of SciTech DiploHub, left) and Jackie Kado (Executive Director of NASAC, right) during the presentation event of the Science Diplomacy Center for Africa - SciTech DiploHub. Credits: Modern Diplomacy

Supported by a 3-million-euro investment until 2028, sourced from various stakeholders including the European Commission and the African UnionEuropean Union Innovation Agenda, this project underscores the commitment to advancing Africa's scientific capabilities. Moreover, it aligns with Spain's Africa Plan, reflecting a shared vision for promoting sustainable development and global cooperation.

The unveiling of the centre in Kigali sets the stage for broader international engagement, with a forthcoming presentation in Europe at the World Science Diplomacy Summit. This collaborative effort signals a transformative step towards realizing NASAC's Pan-African agenda, fostering innovation and driving inclusive growth across the continent.

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