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The Call for nominations for the 2024 Millennium Technology Prize is open until 31 October 2023. The Prize is awarded for groundbreaking technological innovations that benefit people globally and improve life on the planet in a sustainable way.

The Millennium Technology Prize, an initiative of the Technology Academy Finland, highlights the impact of science and innovations on the well-being and equality of humankind and the planet. The Prize is awarded for groundbreaking technological innovations that benefit millions of people around the world by:

  • enhancing quality of life;
  • promoting sustainable development, like the efficient use of Earth’s resources, biodiversity, or mitigation of climate change;
  • generating applications with global commercial viability;
  • creating new accessible socio-economic value;
  • stimulating further cutting-edge research and development in science and technology.

The Millennium Technology Prize can be awarded to an individual or to a team of any nationality. All individuals who deserve the Millennium Technology Prize for the proposed innovation must be named in the nomination. The Prize is intended for innovators in the active stage of their careers.

Nominations are invited from organizations and individuals across the world and from all fields of technology, excluding military technology. Self-nominations are not accepted. This includes nominations made by the following: 

  • the nominee,
  • the nominee’s parents, spouse, or children,
  • the nominee’s domestic partner living in the same household,
  • representative of a company in which the nominee exercises authority (more than 50% ownership).

The permission of the nominee(s) is not required for making a nomination. The nominator may inform the nominee(s) about the nomination if they so choose.

The nominations are submitted via a portal that can be accessed here. All nomination materials are to be provided in English.

This article was originally published on the website of the Technology Academy Finland.
Read the original call for nominations here.

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