News from the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC)

The objective of NASAC is to act as an independent African forum that brings together 28 merit-based academies of science in the continent to discuss the scientific aspects of problems of common concern, to make common statements on major issues relevant to Africa and to provide mutual support to member academies

Regional Webinars on Gene Editing Technology Initiative

Africa Harvest and the Network of African Academies of Sciences (NASAC), with funding from CropLife International, implemented the Pioneering Proof of Concept initiative to explore whether there were gene editing champions or professional experts in Africa, and if they were ready to advocate for practical application of this technology.

Communication and policy advocacy were key to change the narrative on gene editing technology and the overall goal of the project is to form and empower a group of influencers to champion the adoption of gene editing technology in Africa in order to contribute to food security.

The organisations aim to influence policymakers to create a supportive regulatory environment for the development and commercialization of gene editing technology products. This project seeks to provide a platform for dialogue among relevant stakeholders, who will build public support and acceptance for the utilization of gene editing technology to improve food security in Africa.

NASAC-UNTBLDCs Quarterly Meeting

On 5 April 2022, the UN Technology Bank for the Lease Developed Countries (UNTBLDC) and NASAC organised their first virtual quarterly meeting for the Academies of Science as part of the Academies Development Progamme.

The meeting emphasised the importance of the academy development programme in contributing to the strengthening of the STI Policy and put emphasis on the role of academies of sciences as providers of evidence-based advice.

The meeting also highlighted the importance of academies providing updates on their quarterly activities, including progress on registration as legal entities, recruitment of scientists and planned events.

Meeting participants agreed that academies play a critical role in the socio-economic development of their countries, and that academies must work in a sustainable way and maintain their independence.

NASAC statement on the war in the Ukraine

NASAC joined other academies from all over the world to express extreme concern at the war in Ukraine and the resulting humanitarian crisis.

NASAC calls for an immediate ceasefire and for rational dialogue and negotiation leading to peace in the region.

Please click here to download both the English and French version of the statement.


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