The Science Networker - Volume 7 Issue 2

NASAC's electronic e-bulletin, April 2020

The Science Networker - Volume 7 Issue 2, the April 2020 edition of NASAC's electronic e-bulletin, is out.

In his introduction to the newsletter, NASAC President and Chair of the Board Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou wrote:

What uncertain times we live in? If anybody told me that 2020 would be the year of re-evaluating our normalcy, I would have laughed! Well, as you can imagine, that person would have had the last laugh!

2020 has also been a surprise for the Board and Secretariat of NASAC. We have had to re-evaluate all of our plans, re-schedule or cancel several of our activities, and deal with the repercussions of different government restrictions that impact directly or indirectly on our activities. For instance, any activities that required the assembling or international traveling of participants from March 2020 were cancelled. We also learnt to do more with less, and worked diligently offline to deliver on our mandate.

Fortunately, like we have all come to learn, „this too shall pass‟. We plan and carry on with our initiatives during and post-COVID-19. Yes, we will implement them a little different, but to implement, we shall. Thank you for your continued support and learning with the Network, new ways to stay true to our core mandate. Your continued support is truly appreciated.

You can download the full  Science Networker here.


The Science Networker Apr 2020 Vol7 Issue 2

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Executive Director, NASAC
Jackie Kado
Executive Director, NASAC

Jackie Kado