Share with the Smithsonian your thoughts about STEM Education for Sustainable Development (STEM4SD)

Sustainable Development Goals
Help better understand how cross-sector groups are integrating sustainable development into their STEM/IBSE teaching

The Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC) has formed a new network—the Network for Emergent Socio-Scientific Thinking (NESST)—which brings together young people, educators, scientists, researchers, community leaders, and museum professionals who are dedicated to using science education to educate for the future.

Together, this group is working across borders, disciplines, and generations to understand how the fields of STEM Education for Sustainable Development (STEM4SD), Emergence, and Socio-Scientific Issues Education come together to address the biggest global issues of our time, like those outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

NESST was conceptualized in 2018 and the inaugural NESST Advisory Committee was formed in 2021. The NESST Committee includes K-12 educators, university faculty, scientists, researchers, computer scientists, architects, museum professionals, university students, educational administrators, curriculum developers, game developers, and non-profit and NGO leaders. One of the first tasks of this Advisory Committee is to conduct a landscape analysis of the field. To support this landscape analysis, we are inviting you and your colleagues to complete two surveys:

  1. Organizations and Individuals Survey: The first survey seeks to capture organizations and individuals who are engaging young people in STEM Education for Sustainable Development (STEM4SD), or Socio-Scientific Issues Education geared toward action taking and global understanding of science. We expect it will take 15 minutes to complete this survey. Access it here: https://forms.office.com/r/QjPWYG7B1B]
  2. Curricular Materials, Instructional Materials, and Resources Survey: This survey is for those who have developed curricular materials to educate on these topics of STEM4SD. This survey is a bit more thorough, and should take around 20 minutes to complete. Access it here: https://forms.office.com/r/M5rpGhimwE

SSEC appreciates your time and consideration. By sharing your information, you are contributing valuable data to help its committee map the field.

Deadline for completing this survey is 15 March, though SSEC will continue to review and incorporate additional responses through the remainder of 2022. For those who complete the survey by 15 March, SSEC will share a report of our findings to continue to enhance the spirit of collaboration and connection in this field.

If you have colleagues working in the field who should be included in this landscape analysis, please forward the materials to them.


IAP Communication Assistant