SNAS appeals for solidarity with the Sudanese people

A message from the Sudanese National Academy of Sciences to national academies of science, United Nations institutions, and academic and research institutions of the African Union.

Sudan is, at present, experiencing a serious conflict between two factions of the army, resulting in tremendous damage to human life, property and infrastructure; hospitals and academic institutions are not functioning, and other vital services to the community are practically non-existent in many towns, particularly the capital Khartoum. The country's government is partially paralyzed and unable to pay salaries. At the same time, the destruction of many industrial centres has influenced the flow of essential goods, leading to a sharp rise in unemployment. The intensity of the fighting has blocked many roads, preventing aid from reaching the displaced people, with numbers reaching nearly six million.

Therefore, we implore the global community to unite in solidarity with the Sudanese people. We ask you to reach across national boundaries and political interests, echoing our plea to end this devastating war with immediate effect. This moment demands more than just words - it calls for resolute actions, persistent interventions, and heartfelt compassion.

This situation has led to the scattering of the students and academic staff, many of whom moved to safe areas where no modern communications are available. As a result, even remote teaching is impossible. The damage to the academic institutions is extensive. The fighting included air power in towns, which destroyed many academic institutions, including buildings and equipment.

“The present situation for academics in Sudan is intensely critical - a crisis that has received little to no attention outside the country. With this open letter, we hope to raise awareness within the global scientific community who I hope will show their solidarity with our plight. But most of all, our academics need practical assistance in order to be able to continue their studies and research in these difficult times, otherwise Sudan risks losing a generation or more of its invaluable scientific talent."
Professor Mohamed H. A. Hassan, President of the Sudanese National Academy of Science

We appeal to our colleagues in the national academies, as you play a key role in the development of your countries, and seek to create communication links with your peers around the world to support Sudanese students, researchers and university professors in this difficult period by providing admission to your universities and academic institutions until the crisis is over. We also appeal to you to approach all possible donors in your countries to help us obtain contributions to support the reconstruction of what was destroyed by the war.

If you want to know more about the size of the damage and how to provide support and cooperation with Sudanese universities and support their students and researchers, please contact us at

If your academy, university or government agency is willing to work with us to try and host Sudanese PhD students or scientists/researchers at different stages in their careers, please contact us at (with copy to

  You have all thanks and appreciation on behalf of the Sudanese National Academy of Sciences,

Professor Mohamed H A Hassan, President of the Sudanese National Academy of Science

Read and download the PDF version of the SNAS letter here.

President of the SNAS