Successful COP28 Side Event Explores Climate Change Adaptation for Health

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Now available on YouTube the recording of the side event at COP28 organized by IAP, Save the Children, CICERO and GERICS.

Following the successful side event at COP28 organized by IAP, Save the Children, the Centre for International Climate Research (Cicero) and the Climate Service Centre Germany (Gerics) on 2 December 2023, we are delighted to announce that the recording of the session is now available:

Climate and Health: How can policy address health impacts of climate change and air pollution?

2 December 2023, 16.45-18.15 GST, Room SE 6, Blue Zone, COP 28

Policy lessons from cross-sectoral global case studies tackling climate change effects on health


The event facilitated dynamic discussions among experts, policymakers and practitioners, emphasizing the need for comprehensive strategies in adapting to climate-induced health challenges. Participants engaged in interactive sessions, contributing valuable insights and solutions to address the health impacts of climate change.

Science Policy Brief Release:

In conjunction with the side event, a science policy brief titled "Climate Change Adaptation for Health: Systems-based approaches to formulating solutions and guiding policy" was released. This brief provides valuable insights into addressing the complex interplay between climate change and health, offering systems-based approaches for effective policymaking. Access the policy brief here.

We extend our gratitude to all participants, collaborators and attendees for making the event a success!

Robin Fears introducing
Robin Fears introducing the short presentations on science/empirical evidence of climate change and health.
Robin fears introducing 2
Robin Fears introducing the collaboration of the IAP with Save the Children.
Montira Pongsiri (Save the Children) explaining how the research could be applied for impact on the ground.
Audience during the session.
panel discussion
Robin Fears, Caroline Muthoni (Aga Khan University/CHANCE network), Kristie Ebi (University of Washington, USA) and Sameh Soror (Egypt).


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