UNESCO launches global survey to enhance its Science Report

The survey aims at gaining a better understanding of the needs, requirements and preferences of readers and users of the UNESCO Science Report.

UNESCO has initiated a comprehensive global survey with the objective of gathering valuable insights from readers and users of the UNESCO Science Report. The survey aims to understand the diverse needs, requirements and preferences of its audience to ensure the report remains a relevant and indispensable resource in the realm of global scientific discourse.

Designed to elicit feedback on various aspects such as content, production methods, format and outreach efforts, the survey holds significant importance in shaping the future editions of the UNESCO Science Report. The invaluable contributions from respondents worldwide will pave the way for a more comprehensive and impactful report that accurately represents contemporary global scientific perspectives.

Available in six languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, the survey invites participation from individuals across different linguistic backgrounds. Respondents are encouraged to share their views and suggestions to help enhance the effectiveness and relevance of the UNESCO Science Report.

The survey, open until 28 February 2024, seeks to gather insights from both readers and contributing authors on how the report's content can be further improved to address development, socio-economic and environmental challenges effectively. Participants can access the survey through the provided link and select their preferred language for participation.

For further information about the UNESCO Science Report and to access the survey, please visit the UNESCO Science Report website. Questions or inquiries regarding the survey can be directed to the UNESCO Science Report Team via email at