The Global Health Equity Atlas unveiled

A Comprehensive Resource for Informed Health Equity Analysis: the Global Health Equity Atlas releases a decade of data-driven insights in pursuit of health as a fundamental human right.

The Global Health Equity Atlas offers a comprehensive collection of indicators, tables, maps and videos, drawing from a dataset of over two million international data points spanning from 1960 to the present day. The data collection process has been led by Dr. Juan Garay, with essential support from the University of the Andes and the European University Institute.

The Global Health Equity Atlas is an essential tool that consolidates over a decade of dedicated work in the field of global health equity. This resource has been designed by Dr. Juan Garay to facilitate the analysis of health equity, catering to academics, decision-makers and individuals committed to advancing health as a basic human right.

Dr. Juan Garay, a founding member of the Sustainable Health Equity Movement (SHEM), has spearheaded this ambitious project, focusing on establishing a health minimum that is both economically viable and ecologically sustainable.

The Global Health Equity Atlas provides an insightful view of health disparities, taking into account geographical, socioeconomic and ecological factors. Users can analyze patterns and trends within the data to make informed decisions and advocate for more equitable healthcare systems.

SHEM Atlas screenshot
Metrics of sustainable health equity, a screenshot of the Global Health Equity Atlas.

This initiative aligns with SHEM's commitment to prioritizing health as a basic human right. The Global Health Equity Atlas serves as a resource for the global community, encouraging individuals, institutions and policymakers to address existing gaps in healthcare access and strive for more inclusive health services. In a world where healthcare access remains a privilege for many, the Global Health Equity Atlas serves as a comprehensive resource that sheds light on global health realities and offers guidance for a more equitable future. It brings us one step closer to the day when health becomes universally accessible, transcending geographical and economic barriers.

IAP is also a founding member of SHEM.

For additional information and to explore the Global Health Equity Atlas, please visit SHEM's Website.

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