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African Academy of Sciences (AAS)

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The African Academy of Sciences (AAS) is a non-aligned, non-political, not-for-profit Pan-African organization headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, with a hosting agreement with the government of Kenya. The AAS’ vision is to see transformed lives on the African continent through science. It is the only continental Academy in Africa enjoying the support and recognition of the African Union, as well as several governments and major international partners.

The AAS elects distinguished scholars into its membership as Fellows of the African Academy of Sciences (FAAS). There are about 576 AAS Fellows, Associate Fellows and Honorary Fellows who are proven science, technology and innovation leaders, policy advisors and thinkers most of whom live and work throughout the continent.

The Academy also gives prizes, funds research that is relevant to Africa’s challenges, and works with policymakers to develop science strategies in line with its three focal areas: recognising excellence; implementing science, technology and innovation programmes and providing think-tank functions.

The AAS’ five strategic focus areas are:

  1. Policy and governance
  2. Natural sciences
  3. Environmental and climate change
  4. Health and wellbeing
  5. Social sciences and humanities.


Transformed lives through science


Leverage on science, technology and innovation for sustainable development