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Chinese Academy of Engineering

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The Chinese Academy of Engineering is a national academic organization composed of elected members with the highest honor in the community of engineering and technological sciences of the nation. Its missions are to initiate and conduct strategic studies, provide consultancy services for decision-making of nation’s key issues in engineering and technological sciences and promote the development of the undertaking of engineering and technological sciences in China and devote itself to the benefit and welfare of the society. It consists of nine academic divisions, including the academic division of Medical Sciences and Healthcare and the academic division of Agriculture. Its functions are mainly in aspects as follows:

1)          Bringing into full play the integrated advantages of its members who act as a group in multi-disciplinary, inter-departmental and inter-industrial, to take part in the decision-making for the national and regional economic development and social progress, undertake the studies, consultancy and evaluation of strategies for the construction of key projects and high-tech industries, and provide the central and local governments with suggestions for top-priority fields of development and orientation of key investment;

2)          Organizing studies on issues of orientation and frontiers of key engineering science and technology, promoting capacity of innovation in industrial technology and raising the level of management science and engineering project;

3)          Carry out extensively academic exchanges and co-operations at home and abroad at all levels and in various forms so as to create an open environment for the healthy growth of excellent young and middle-aged experts;

4)          Energetically popularize science knowledge and enhance the publication in science and technology to make contributions to the promotion of the standard of engineering science and technology and the quality of workforce as well as the whole society in terms of science and culture in China;

5)          Safeguard science ethics and carry forward the science spirit.

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Former Vice President, Chinese Academy of Engineering

Depei Liu