Amarjargal Dagvadorj

Amarjargal Dagvadorj

Amarjargal Dagvadorj MD, MSc, Ph.D. specializes in maternal and child health and health policy. She currently works at the Parliamentary Research Institute (PRS), Mongolia, and plays a central role in conducting health policy analyses as a PRS officer. She took her master's degree in global health policy from the University of Tokyo and a doctorate in public health from Kyoto University. Amarjargal worked as a research fellow performing maternal and child health research in Canada, Japan, and Mongolia. Accordingly, she has led and co-authored peer-reviewed international publications and provides peer reviews for the journals. 
Concerned about air pollution and environmental issues, she has been a science advocate and focused on tackling air pollution issues in her country by collaborating with international colleagues. She is conducting a "Let's take action" project funded by the Lead2030 challenge for SDG3 by One Young World combining technological interventions with a community-focused workshop to reduce children's at-home carbon monoxide exposure and other air pollutants along with team members of BreatheMongolia NGO. Furthermore, she organized the environmental education workshop for primary school children, worked as a technical reviewer on the Smithsonian Science for Global Goals guide on environmental justice, and adapted the 2021 WHO Air Quality Guidelines into Mongolian.