Andre Bafica

Image - Bafica Andre

AndrÈ B·fica is currently the leader of the Immunology group of the Laboratory of Immunobiology, Federal University of Santa Catarina.
During Medical school, he has taken a series of studies to test a novel immunotherapeutical approach to treat a major neglected disease called cutaneous leishmaniasis. As a med student, taking advantage of a strong basic immunology background, he demonstrated the healing effects of pentoxyfylline in skin lesions of patients with ACL.
He then moved to the USA to get trained in immunology of tuberculosis, another devastating infectious disease, under supervision of the top-notch immunologist Dr. Sher, at NIH.
With leadership and important collaboration with bright colleagues, Dr. B·fica has made several important contributions in the field of innate immunity, publishing high quality scientific discovery.
Currently, he his articles have been cited more that 1000 times. His studies have also been highly cited in immunology books and have established new concepts in innate immunity-pathogen interactions.
Prof. B·fica has been actively involved in medical education as well as in training young investigators that wish to pursue a scientific career in his home country.