Juan Pablo Del Río Vigil

Juan Pablo Del Río Vigil

Dr. Juan Pablo Del Río Vigil is a Medical Doctor from Universidad de los Andes at Santiago, Chile, where he complemented his medical training with Major studies on philosophy, taking courses on issues such as Medieval Philosophy, Natural Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophical Anthropology and Metaphysics.

He is currently following his specialization in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Universidad de Chile. Alongside, he is a candidate for a doctorate in Medical Sciences at the same university, with a thesis focused on the reciprocal modulation between steroid hormones and higher cognitive functions in adolescents with polycystic ovary syndrome. His research work is carried out in two national forefront research centers: IMHAY (Improving Mental Health in Adolescents and Youngsters: www.imhay.cl) and BNI (Biomedical Neuroscience Institute: www.bni.cl). He has also obtained several grants as principal investigator to develop his research.

Dr. del Río has proven to play a role in national discussion, with appearances in national media that contribute to the dialogue on mental health rights of children and adolescents. At an international level, his articles, in collaboration with researchers from all over the world, have been published in prestigious scientific journals.

From 2018 onwards, he teaches at Universidad de Chile and abroad, as an adjunct professor at the Expert in Sexual Education Diploma at Universidad Católica de Murcia. At a national level, Dr. del Río is one of the national leaders of Teen STAR, one of the top sexuality education programs in the country (www.teenstar.cl).

Outreach activity to wider society is carried out by Dr. del Río in two main areas. Firstly, in the clinical care of high social risk patients. Juan Pablo works as a physician in a psychiatric hospital, which is open to low-income children and adolescents. This center receives approximately 500 young patients per month, being a link between the vulnerable population and the best Chilean specialists. Secondly, through his activities that promote sex education on teenagers, Juan Pablo has established himself as a teacher of excellence. Thus, since 2015, approximately 3,000 educational agents have been trained by Dr. del Río and his team, reaching more than 200,000 school students per year.