Johan Kaarme

Dep Healthcare Director

Image - Kaarme Johan

Dr Johan Kaarme, MD PhD, is a pediatrician and currently Dep Healthcare director in Region Gävleborg (one of the 21 healthcare regions in Sweden with approximately 285' inhabitants) with responsibility for the healthcare and 5700 employees in three hospitals and 30 GP's offices. He has had previous assignment as head of Department at Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital, Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, including sections for cardiology, diabetes, endocrinology, metabolic diseases, cystic fibrosis, obesity care, asthma and allergy, pediatric pulmonology, specialized outpatient pediatrics and child welfare. He graduated from the Medical Faculty at Uppsala University 2001 and has after internship and recidency had responsibility for the Emergency department at Uppsala University Children_s Hospital. Dr Kaarme is one of the two pediatricians in the Swedish National Respons Team, coordinated by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, which acts in case of catastrophies abroad. Dr Kaarme has had employments at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish embassies in Riga and Kiev before his medical carrier.Dr Kaarme has a PhD from Uppsala University, Dept for Women_s and Children_s health, focusing on antibiotic resistance, enteric pathogens and microbiota and transmission among Swedish children. In 2011 dr Kaarme was awarded _Future leader in Swedish health care_, from Sjukvårdens Ledarskapsakademi (a national initiative to promote young leaders in health care) and HM The Queen Silvia, including a seminar at Harvard Business School on Value based health care and participation in a mentorship-program in 2011-2012.Dr Kaarme has together with a colleague and friend developed and launched the first Swedish app for the public about health issues among children _ BarnlÑkarrÜd - for iPhones and Android smartphones, with the purpose of spreading knowledge about pediatrics in the community and provide reliable tools for non-health care personal for when and where to turn with health problems and symptoms. He is also the initiator of a multi-disciplinary information-campaign together with the health care telephone advisory board, other health care providers and NGO:s in which free seminars, lectures and distribution of written information to the public have been cornerstones. Between 2014 and 2018 he was a Pediatric expert with focus on health issues in a national live-broadcast program on channel TV4.