Wei-Yen Lim

Image - Lim Wei-Yen

Lim Wei-Yen , Singapore

Lim Wei-Yen [MBBS (Singapore) 1998, MPH (Harvard) 2005, PhD (Singapore) 2012] is a public health physician.
He worked at the Ministry of Health, Singapore, for about 8 years, where he participated in developing health programmes and policies for Singapore.
His area of work was primarily in the epidemiology and control of non-communicable and mental health diseases.
He subsequently joined the National University of Singapore as Assistant Professor at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health in 2011.
He currently manages a research unit at the School that is focused on developing population-based studies in Singapore.
He runs both a chronic disease cohort study, where participants are being re-visited to update exposure information, and annual nationally-representative surveys of health status and health behaviours of Singaporeans.
He hopes that this unit will in time become a national resource centre for the conduct of population-based studies, and will be a source of useful and timely health information for health policy makers and other healthcare sector stakeholders.