Stefania Mondello

Full Professor


I am a physician scientist (MD, MPH, PhD) with a sub-specialty in critical care medicine and extensive experience in clinical neurotrauma, biomarker research and statistical analysis methods. I have worked at Banyan Biomarkers (Florida, USA), Inc. as Director of Clinical Research for 5 years leading the pioneering effort which contributed to the development of new biomarkers of brain injury being used in clinical studies worldwide and recently approved by FDA. Currently I have an appointment at the University of Messina (Italy) as Tenure-track Assistant Professor, and at the Oasi Research Institute-IRCCS (Troina, Italy) as Biostatistical Manager and Research Director of the Biomarker Development Program. I have been spending the majority of my clinical and research career analyzing and studying novel biochemical markers for TBI and other neurological disorders in clinical studies as well as in animal models, and I have been responsible for coordinating multidisciplinary laboratories and transitional neuroscience research projects as principal investigator and co-investigator. During my brief career, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous internationally-recognized experts who are authoritative and renowned in TBI area. I have also been involved as co-investigator in a number of TBI research projects and in multicenter clinical trials on TBI patients funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Department of Defense (DoD) and the European Commission. The history of my clinical and research interests and my publication record demonstrate my expertise and experience in the field. I have published: 1) 129 peer reviewed papers; 2) 13 published invited or peer reviewed book chapters; 3) 7 protocols for systematic reviews; and 4) over 140 abstracts. In addition, due to my recognition in biomarkers and neurotrauma, I have been invited to present 48 oral presentations to national and international prestigious scientific conferences, including the International Neurotrauma Society (INTS) meeting in 2011 (Shanghai, China), in 2014 (Budapest, Hungary), in 2016 (Cape Town, South Africa) and in 2018 (Toronto, Canada), and the Annual Symposium of the National Neurotrauma Society in 2015 (Santa Fe, USA) and 2017 (Snowbird, USA). I am present member of five editorial boards of international journals (Scientific Reports, Expert Review of Proteomics, Frontiers in Neurology-Neurotrauma, among others) and I review for 15 leading scientific journals (The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet Neurology, Journal of Neurotrauma, Nature Reviews Neurology, Neurology, among others). I have been invited to serve on grant review programs nationally and internationally, including as an independent expert evaluator for Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-HEALTH-2013), HORIZON 2020- Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), FET OPEN RIA and RIA Research and Innovation action, and I received a number of awards nationally and internationally recognizing my contributions to the field. My experiences in industry and academia have shaped a unique skill set combining the best of two different worlds and permitting me to flavor the beauty of science and to pursue novel ideas and opportunities, while maintaining a practical approach and an extreme rigor, which are needed to deliver a product to the patient’s bedside.