Janine Trevillyan

Image - Trevillyan Janine

Dr Janine Trevillyan is an Infectious Diseases Physician from Melbourne, Australia. She received her medical degree (with honours) from Monash University and went on to complete her specialist training in Infectious Diseases at the Alfred and Austin hospitals. Her particular area of interest and expertise is the management of HIV positive patients and specifically the prevention and treatment of serious non-AIDS events (including cardiovascular and renal disease, osteoporosis and non-AIDs related malignancies). She has published widely in the area and lead multidisciplinary teams developing local guidelines for the management of HIV associated co-morbidities. A passionate advocate for excellence in under- and post graduate medical education Dr Trevillyan is actively involved in the infectious diseases curriculum for medical students at Monash University and has been a representative of the faculty board for the faculty of medicine, nursing and health sciences. She has presented at multiple international conferences and been the recipient of three national and international young investigator awards. Currently Dr Trevillyan is approaching completion of a PhD investigating the pathogenesis and prevention of cardiovascular disease in HIV positive patients, which has included running a large multi-national collaboration investigating the impact of statins on atherosclerotic progression in HIV positive patients at intermediate cardiovascular risk.