Capacity building through Mentoring of African Scientists in Cell Biology / Regenerative Medicine

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This project will provide a unique opportunity for young Africans (below age 45) involved in or seriously interested in cell biology and regenerative Medicine. The aim is to create mentee/mentor relationships between them and distinguished scientists from India, Brazil and China. These fields (stem cells, cell therapy, tissue engineering, etc.) hold great promise to treat skin burns, muscle and bone loss, corneal and myocardial regeneration, spinal cord injuries, etc. and even animal health and agriculture. This project is based on already demonstrated commitment of scientists from Academies in India, Brazil and China to assist ca 20-30 young African scientists in capacity building efforts in cell therapy and regenerative medicine. The initial funding in 2013 was obtained from TWAS as one of the TWAS-ROSSA activities run by AAS. The IAP support will fund the second workshop in 2014 and also provide partial support for short-term mentorship visits to host mentors in India, Brazil and China. The proposal is relevant to IAP’s mission of capacity building and showing the effectiveness of international science cooperation.

Results of the Workshop

stem cell imageThe African Academy of Sciences has published a report on the "Training and Mentoring African Scientists in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research" workshop, which was organized by the African Academy of Sciences in Nairobi, Kenya, in August 2014.

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