Scholarly communication is central to the academic endeavour. Scientific inquiry depends  upon critical communication among researchers and the transmission of ideas among  academic institutions. Present technology and global internet communication have enhanced  the possibilities of scholarly communication beyond comprehension, and in the process, this  spectacular enhancement has made scholarly communication one of the most complex and  contentious issues in academia today.

The prestige of established publishing and the rankings of universities whose members  depend on recognized sources of publication still affect the institute budgets, collaboration  and publication of e Berlin Open Access Conference. This plan mandates scientists and  researchers whose work was state-funded to publish their results in open repositories and  journals. Those issues involved in scholarly communication have come to the fore for  considered and substantial discussion of these issues and their complications.

The Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) with the collaboration with AASSA, IAP and ASSA  arrange this Webinar that invites academies and institutions concerned with the issues to join  an International Webinar on Digital Scholarly Communication. Given widespread and  growing concerns for the general theme, we have designed a program consisting of a series  of three events scheduled for 31 March, 28 April and 19 May 2021 when the above issue will  be discussed in light of current international debates and to explore them in relation to  specific national and regional concerns