Produced by The Federation of European Academies of Medicine (FEAM) funded by IAP and the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine, this report shows the outcome of a workshop held on Human Genome Editing in Paris on 28 April 2016. Participants of the workshop seeked to consider the landscape for human genome editing across the EU (and associated countries, including Switzerland) and to:

  • Understand current scientific activities in the EU with respect to genome editing, focusing on human applications.
  • Understand the current regulatory landscape for human genome editing research and clinical applications, across the EU.
  • Understand the ongoing societal and political debates on genome editing across the EU and within the relevant agencies of the European Commission.
  • Identify any areas where there were significant differences between the countries and, if possible; consider the driving forces for these differences (e.g. ethics, public opinion)
  • Discuss the need for a European regulatory framework to govern the safe and acceptable use of human genome editing.