In today’s knowledge-based society with a rapidly growing global science system, the GYA addressed the highly topical question: What is the state of young researchers across the world? The GYA’s GloSYS project is the first study taking into account not only the established science systems in Europe and America, but also comparing the status-quo with new and original findings on developing nations and world regions that have received little previous research attention. “Developing countries increasingly shape science and contribute to the global advancement of knowledge,” says the GYA Co-Chair Rees Kassen (Canada). “However, emerging and developing countries are still a heterogeneous group. Their science and innovation systems show a wide-ranging diversity and there is still a lack of research,” adds GYA Co-Chair Sameh Soror (Egypt). The GloSYS report is a first step towards filling this gap. Against the backdrop of a changing global research system, GloSYS provides an encompassing picture of young scholars’ status and career challenges on a global scale.

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