Section (frenotomy) or excision (frenectomy) of the tongue frenulum in newborns or infants involves surgically cutting (with scissors or laser) a short and/or thick tongue frenulum to restore the amplitude of movement of the mobile tongue, in particular its protraction.

This surgical procedure, which was rare until recently, is indicated in the case of ankyloglossia with significant functional impact.

One can only wonder before the spectacular increase, in France and throughout the world, of lingual frenotomy which, performed very soon after the stay in maternity, would then facilitate breastfeeding that is both effective for the newborn and the infant, and make it painless for the mother: more than 420% in Australia in about ten years [1,2,3]. This increase is all the more surprising since three recent national and international recommendations [1,2,3], as well as a Cochrane [4] review, have concluded that scientific studies regarding this practice are of poor quality.

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