This AASSA report combines analysis of the current status in the Asia-Pacific regions with exploration of a strategy moving forward in FNSA. Malnutrition in all its forms creates a major public health problem in the Asia- Pacific regions but people in the regions are not immune from other concerns about food and nutrition security and must also recognize the impact of their activities on the rest of the world. We define the goal of food and nutrition security as providing access for all to a healthy and affordable diet that is environmentally sustainable. We recognize the necessity to take account of diversity: in food systems and dietary intakes within and between countries, and in the variability of nutrient requirements in vulnerable groups within populations and across the individual's lifecycle.

This report is a part of a global project led by the InterAcademy Partnership and joined by three complementary reports focusing on Europe, the Americas, and Africa. This global project has been supported by 130 science academies around the globe in an unprecedented effort to bring together the latest knowledge on the future of food, health, and the environment. The global comparative report will also be published in 2018. The IAP project is distinctive and adds value to the large body of work already undertaken by many other groups.

This project was formulated so as to stimulate the four regional networks in diverse analysis and synthesis according to their own experiences, traditions and established policy priorities, while, at the same time, conforming to shared academy standards for clear linkage to the evidences available. The project as a whole and in its regional parts was also underpinned by necessary quality assessment and control, particularly through peer review procedures. The networks of science academies involved in the project are grateful for the financial support provided by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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