Women entrepreneurship can play a vital role in building the economy of developing countries. Women, being half of the world population, are still an underutilized talent in general, and their role in entrepreneurship implanting new technologies in particular. The technological changes have brought in a paradigm shift in the economic development all over the world.

Gender equality and women empowerment is the 3rd Millennium Development Goal expected to embark upon giving women their share in society and access to use of new technologies. Therefore, young women’s role in entrepreneurship and use of new technologies is extremely important. Unfortunately, Islamic countries, compared to other countries have a very slow pace of giving women a role in entrepreneurship, due to cultural and religious barriers. This poses a problem for women entrepreneurship and in implementing new technologies.

The aim of the International Conference, organized by NASIC (Network of Academies of Science in OIC Countries) and supported by IAP, was to share and exchange ideas, identify and discuss options where national academies of science can enhance their role of Science and Technology for encouraging younger women to take up self-employment and become entrepreneurs.