A new initiative by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences brings together researchers, policy makers and faith leaders to understand the scientific and societal challenges of climate change and develop solutions for enabling resilient people and resilient ecosystems.

This publication summarises the Proceedings of the Conference held on 13-14 July 2022, titled 'Resilience of People and Ecosystems under Climate Stress. Aimed for scientists in natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, the workshop was organized around two major themes of resilience:
I. The Likely Climate Change Risks and Trajectories:
– Tradeoffs between social, economic and environment goals;
– Unavoidable climate changes, disruptions, risks and threats;
– Distinctions between risks that are tolerable and acceptable from those which are intolerable.
II. Adaptation to Climate Risks and Threats:
- Public Health including mental health; food and nutrition security; water and energy security;
- Climate refugees and mass migration;
- Urban and Rural resilience, including land use plans and protection of critical public assets and services;
- Coastal populations with emphasis on small island nations;
- Climate proofing critical infrastructure; financial and fiscal risks including climate financing for the vulnerable populations.

The book includes a contribution by Robin Fears and Volker ter Meulen (pp 137-147)