IANAS Launches Science By and For the Amazon Initiative: Uniting Efforts for Sustainable Development

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The IANAS Manaus Letter was presented at the IANAS-ABC Science By and For the Amazon event, held on 2 and 3 August at the National Institute for Amazonian Research (INPA) in Brazil

It was a landmark event that highlights the power of science in addressing critical global challenges: The Inter-American Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS) presented the "IANAS Manaus Letter" during the IANAS-ABC Science By and For the Amazon event. This two-day meeting, held on 2 and 3 August at the National Institute for Amazonian Research (INPA) in Brazil, gathered Presidents, Representatives from IANAS Member Academies, as well as scientists and policymakers from Amazonian countries. The IANAS Manaus Letter, now available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, embodies a shared commitment to the sustainable development of the Amazon region through collaborative science-based efforts.

The core objective of the IANAS Manaus Letter is to facilitate cooperative endeavors among regional academies from Amazonian countries. By focusing on four key axes, the initiative aims to underscore the significance of the Amazon biome:

  • Recognizing the Amazon as an integral regional entity within the Earth's system.
  • Acknowledging the human presence and the diverse socio-cultural fabric of the Amazon.
  • Addressing socio-ecological transformations in the Amazon.
  • Seeking sustainable solutions for the Amazon's future development.

This ambitious initiative, supported by academies such as the Academia Nacional de Ciencias de Bolivia, Academia Brasileira de Ciências, and Academia Colombiana de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales, aligns perfectly with IANAS's mission to enhance science and technology's role as catalysts for research, development, and equity across the Americas.

IANAS was established in 2004 and unites academies of science from 24 countries across the Americas. With its unique position, IANAS is well-equipped to provide impartial policy advice to governments and societies on critical scientific and technological matters, encompassing challenges like inequality, climate change, and environmental degradation.

The Amazon Initiative, spearheaded by IANAS, seeks to address the complex interplay between science, technology, and sustainable development. By endorsing the IANAS Manaus Letter, academies commit to fostering collaborations among the Amazon region's governments and academies. Through concerted efforts, they will strive to tackle issues such as deforestation, forest degradation, illegal activities, and environmental conservation by 2030. Science and innovation play fundamental roles in surmounting challenges and harnessing opportunities in the Amazon. The comprehensive approach proposed by IANAS includes sustainable resource management, social and economic advancements, and preserving cultural and environmental dimensions.

The collaborative engagement of IANAS academies holds the promise of delivering evidence-based recommendations to policymakers at all levels. This collective approach will not only address the Amazon's local needs but also offer insights into global environmental changes and natural disasters. By bridging gaps between researchers, both local and global, IANAS endeavors to fortify the network of experts devoted to the Amazon's future. IANAS is committed to facilitating connections between Amazonian and non-Amazonian academies, nurturing young researchers, and fostering science-driven policies.

The unveiling of the IANAS Manaus Letter marks a juncture in the global commitment to safeguarding and enhancing the Amazon's vitality. As IANAS harnesses the collective power of science, technology, and collaboration, it reinforces the importance of uniting science and policy for a sustainable and equitable future.