IAP Speaks: The IAP Regional Network in Asia and Oceania

Unlocking Regional Solutions: Frances Separovic explains the impact of IAP Regional Networks.

As the world grapples with increasingly complex global challenges, the role of regional collaboration becomes ever more crucial. In this video interview, IAP Board member Frances Separovic explains the benefits of the IAP Regional Networks, with a particular focus on Asia and Oceania.

The IAP Regional Networks serve as vital conduits for addressing region-specific challenges with tailored expertise and knowledge. By harnessing the collective wisdom of academies across different continents, such as Asia and Oceania, the IAP ensures a focused approach to tackling pressing issues like climate change, biodiversity loss and public health within these regions.

Frances Separovic's commentary underscores the advantage of leveraging local insights to develop nuanced solutions that resonate with the unique socio-cultural and environmental landscapes of each region. Through the collaborative efforts facilitated by the IAP Regional Networks, member academies can harness their collective strength to drive positive change and foster sustainable development on a regional scale.

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