International Conference Addresses Society's Resilience Post-Disasters

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The Science Council of Japan organised an event titled "Transforming Society to Become Resilient and Sustainable beyond Catastrophic Disasters"

In light of historical calamities and the inevitable challenges of the future, global efforts to bolster societal resilience and sustainability took center stage at the International Conference on Science and Technology for Sustainability 2023. Held on 7 and 8 September 2023, the conference was organised by the Science Council of Japan and was titled "Transforming Society to Become Resilient and Sustainable beyond Catastrophic Disasters". The event convened experts from 12 countries and regions, both in-person and online, to deliberate on strategies for societies to transcend catastrophic disasters.

Marking the 100th anniversary of the Great Kanto Earthquake, the conference aimed to draw from Japan's century-long journey of recovery and reconstruction, while also incorporating lessons learned from other regions ravaged by earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones. Emphasizing the importance of international collaboration, the event sought to disseminate these insights to future generations.

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Key discussions centered on the need for proactive measures in disaster risk reduction, the role of science and technology in forecasting and mitigating disasters and the imperative of societal transformation to withstand and recover from catastrophic events.

The Tokyo Statement 2023, a culmination of the conference's deliberations, underscores the urgency for global cooperation and action to build resilient and sustainable societies in the face of adversity. With a focus on elucidating disaster risks, establishing new governance structures and promoting investment in resilience, the statement provides a roadmap for navigating the challenges ahead.

The programme, speakers' biographies and abstracts are available here.
The Tokyo Statement is available in English here and in Japanese here.
Watch the video recordings from day 1 here.
Watch the video recording from day 2 here.

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