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Science Council of Japan (SCJ)

7-22-34 Roppongi, Minato-ku



The Science Council of Japan (SCJ) was established in January 1949 as an organization to function independent of the government yet under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister. Its purpose is to promote and enhance the field of science, and to have science reflected in and permeated into administration, industry, and people’s lives. SCJ serves as an organization that represents Japanese scientists, both in Japan and overseas, based on communication of the fact that science forms the foundation of a culturally rich nation.

The SCJ provides specialized and trustworthy recommendations from scientists to policymakers. The SCJ represents Japan in the building of international collaborative frameworks for scientists. It actively participates in and contributes to the endeavors of international academic organizations by, among other things, strategically providing policy recommendations for global issues that are based on scientific knowledge in collaboration with scientists around the world.