Launching of the Global Health Equity Atlas

This data-driven tool for combatting inequalities will be launched online on 15 December 2023

The Sustainable Health Equity Movement (SHEM) announces the online launch of the Global Health Equity Atlas, scheduled for 15 December 2023 at 2:00 PM GMT and aiming to promote health as a fundamental human right.

The Global Health Equity Atlas was developed by Dr. Juan Garay, health advocate and a founding member of SHEM. It is a comprehensive tool that consolidates over a decade of dedicated work in global health equity, with the primary goal of establishing a health minimum that is both economically viable and ecologically sustainable.

During the webinar on 15 December 2023, Dr. Garay will introduce the tool, demonstrating its potential to facilitate the analysis of health equity. He will be joined by Dr. María del Rócio Saénz Madrigal, President of the Network for Health Equity in the Americas (HENA/RAES). Together, they will explore the transformative capabilities of the Atlas in reshaping the narrative on health equity. Academics, decision-makers and individuals committed to advancing health will gain insights into the application of this indispensable resource in making informed decisions and advocating for more equitable healthcare systems.

Global Health Equity Atlas


Draft Structure of the Event:

  • Introduction - SHEM
  • Launching of the Global Health Atlas – Juan Garay
  • Comments from HENA on the Atlas
  • Q&A Session
  • Launching of the SHEM Thematic Working Group on Equity, Concepts and Metrics

Register to the Zoom Webinar here.


This initiative follows the roots of SHEM, born out of a shared concern among an international group of medical professionals in April 2020. Their open letter to the UN Secretary General highlighted the deepening health and socioeconomic inequities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, SHEM has grown into a global movement with the active participation of InterAcademy Partnership (IAP), committed to promoting health equity and sustainability on all fronts.

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