Navigating the Humanitarian Crisis: read the article from YPL Dr. Duha Shellah

In an article published in The Lancet, YPL 2022 Dr. Duha Shellah provides insights on healthcare challenges amid the Gaza conflict.

In the face of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Dr. Duha Shellah, a Junior Medical Doctor and alumna of the Young Physician Leaders (YPL) programme facilitated by the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP), offers a professional perspective on the healthcare challenges prevailing in the region, in article published in The Lancet on 17 November 2023. Dr. Shellah's insights, based on her experience and dedication to healthcare, provide a nuanced view of the current crisis.

Dr. Shellah, who took part in the Young Physician Leaders workshop in 2022, emphasizes her commitment to representing her homeland. Her engagement at the World Health Summit as a panellist reflects her dedication to addressing global health challenges. As the CEO and Founder of the research community 'The Researchist', Shellah's focus extends beyond the current crisis. She actively advocates for early career researchers and contributes to medical journalism, furthering the scientific discourse.

Duha Shellah
Dr. Duha Shellah receiving her YPL certificate, with Nora Grasselli (ESMT), Jo Boufford and Muthoni Kareithi (IAP). Photo: G.Ortolani/IAP

As highlighted in The Lancet article, the conflict has entered its second month, profoundly impacting all aspects of life in Palestine. Shellah outlines the stark realities faced by the people, where infrastructure lies in ruins and access to fundamental necessities such as fuel, clean water, food and electricity is severely restricted. In her communications with healthcare professionals in Gaza, she highlights the plight of medical personnel working tirelessly amid dire conditions. Hospitals and ambulances, essential for providing medical care, face continuous threats and attacks. The evacuation orders issued by the Israel Defense Forces are particularly challenging in the context of critical care patients in hospitals. Beyond Gaza, Shellah sheds light on the situation in the West Bank, where the challenging circumstances make commuting to work or returning home safely arduous tasks, putting individuals at risk.

Read the article on The Lancet here.

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