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Nobel Laureate and Young Scientists to Gather at Brazil's National Academy of Medicine for G20 Seminar

The National Academy of Medicine (ANM) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will host the seminar “Young Scientists and the Future of Science” on 3 July 2024, featuring Nobel laureate Sir Richard Roberts. The event is organized by the ANM, the Health Coalition Institute, and the City of Rio de Janeiro, and is part of Brazil's G20 agenda, and aims to foster inspiration, collaboration and the exchange of ideas among the next generation of scientific leaders.

Eliete Bouskela, the first woman president of ANM in its 195-year history, highlighted the importance of Sir Richard Roberts' presence. She emphasized a panel focused on women in science: “Women from all over the world, including Brazil, will be discussing the challenges we face as women to secure our place and advance in science,” Bouskela stated.

ANM's Dr. Gustavo Gameiro,  the seminar organizer, explained the event’s goal: “We aim to give young people a voice and connect the new generation of scientists from various countries to inspire them and foster discussions and potential collaborations,” Gameiro said.

The seminar will feature three panels:

1)   Projects by New Scientists:

2)   Women in Science:

3)   Global Perspectives:

Young Indian doctor Ashwin Parchani sees the event as a tremendous opportunity: “This conference is an excellent platform to exchange ideas and collaborate on transformative health solutions,” Parchani said.

Professor Moses Basitere, co-chair of the South African Young Academy of Sciences, emphasized the importance of collaboration within the Global South: “Science and collaboration within the Global South are vital to addressing common challenges and promoting sustainable development through innovative, inclusive, and locally relevant solutions,” Basitere noted.

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