Regional and Global Perspectives on Climate Change and Health: Focusing on Solutions

Environment & Climate
Watch the recording of the IAP online session and download the slides

The IAP virtual event on Climate Change and Health took place on 3 March 2021 as a satellite session of the 2021 Conference of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health.

The session was organised by the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP), together with regional networks in Africa (NASAC), Asia (AASSA), the Americas (IANAS) and Europe (EASAC). Speakers from all regions shared their knowledge on similarities and differences between and within regions for climate effects on health. During interactive breakout sessions, attendees were invited to discuss options for adaptation and mitigation, strengthening health systems, and informing science-policy interfaces.

The slides for the presentations are available below (click on the name of the presentation to download them):

Introduction to the global IAP project on climate change and health
Dr. Robin Fears, IAP CCH Project Coordinator

Regional perspective from Europe
Dr. Robin Fears, IAP CCH Project Coordinator

Regional perspective from Asia
Prof. Ismail Koyuncu, AASSA Representative

Regional perspective from the Americas
Prof. Sherilee Harper, IANAS Representative

Regional perspective from Africa
Dr. Deoraj Caussy, NASAC Representative

Current Policy Developments – Health at COP26
Prof. Andy Haines, IAP CCH Project Co-Chair

You can watch the recording of the virtual event here:

Announcing Institution
IAP Project Assistant