IAP's workplan includes proposals submitted by IAP member academies which have been awarded funding following a competetive review process. To view the most recent IAP-funded proposals submitted by IAP Member and regional networks, follow the links on the left to funded projects.

Other interdisciplinary activities held in conjunction with IAP's partners:

  1. IAP/IAC Regional Workshops: (for the implementation of the recommendations of IAC Reports) . Follow the link to view information on the IAP/IAC regional workshops which have taken place so far since 2008 ...
  2. IAP Conferences for Young Scientists in partnership with the World Economic Forum -  follow the link to "Young Scientists". IAP heldo its second Young Scientists Conference in Dalian, China, from 10-13 September 2009.
  3. IAP and the Council of Canadian Academies hosted an "Inter Academy Workshop on Best Practices in Advisory Roles and Fellowship Appointments" in Trieste, Italy on 12-13 February 2009. This invitation-only meeting explored the evolving role of science academies; fellowship appointments and engaging youth; outreach to society; multilateral initiatives; engaging decision makers; and the advisory role of science academies. The workshop provided the 60 confirmed participants from 46 countries with an opportunity to share best practices and identify opportunities for mutually beneficial collaborations. The recommendations and workshop report are now available here
  4. IAP and the European Climate Foundation: IAP, the InterAcademy Council (IAC) and TWAS, the academy of sciences for the developing world, joined the European Climate Foundation in holding a series of 'briefing-plus-discussion' workshops for delegates, especially those from smaller developing countries who will be in Copenhagend in December 2009 to seek to forge a new protocol as a follow-up to the Kyoto Protocol that expires in 2012. The Delegates must be fully informed about current scientific understanding and the full range of policy options available to mitigate and/or adapt to climate change. The workshops took place in July in Bangkok for Asia & the Pacific (organized by the Thai Academy of Science and Technology); Nairobi for sub-Saharan Africa (organized by the African Academy of Sciences); and Itaipava (near Rio de Janeiro) for Latin America and the Caribbean (organized by the TWAS Regional Office).  A detailed summary and workshop reports will be available soon.

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