We must protect marine environments

The ocean covers more than 70%of planet Earth and supports humankind. For instance, it provides us with:

  • oxygen to breath
  • fish and seafood to eat
  • seaways for transportation
  • leisure and healing places to visit

Ocean threats

Unregulated and excessive human activities and climate change are causing the deterioration of the marine environment, reducing biodiversity and threatening its ecosystem services. Ocean threats include:

  • habitat degradation and loss
  • coastal development
  • invasive species
  • environmental contaminants
  • climate change

Ocean exploitation

Most fisheries stocks are fully exploited: more than 90% of marine stocks are either overfished (34.2%) or fished at maximum sustainable levels (59.6%).

How to protect the ocean

The ocean has absorbed 30% of total anthropogenic CO2 emissions. By releasing the IAP Statement on the Protection of Marine Environments, world academies urge world leaders to focus on ocean conservancy and to improve ocean health by:

  • stopping habitat destruction and the spread of environmental contaminants
  • fighting climate change and overexploitation
  • adopting science-based policies

Ocean infographic

ocean infographic

For more information check the IAP Statement on Protection of Marine Environments and the press release World academies call for protection of marine environments.